Thursday, January 31, 2013

The cliff

So I am feeling on the verge of getting sick. I am on the invisible cliff -- if I fall one way I will be all better, if I fall the other way I will get very very sick... I hate that feeling! Like just now, I felt great about 5 minutes ago, now I feel like poo again! yuck! well, it is nothing a long night of sleep will fix, which is where I am headed in about 15 minutes!

This week I have had a rough time getting back into my fitness grove since getting back from Dallas. It is crazy how your body can adjust to healthy eating and working out so dramatically in just 3 weeks. But this week has been off. I am still eating well, just feels harder this week somehow. However, I see the silver lining and know I can fix it and I will fix.

After feeling blah the last couple of days I needed to see the humor in things. Once I stopped and looked, there was things all around me to cheer me up. Like this....
Welcome to our "big redneck bed!!" Since the last few days have been super chilly our dogs have refused to come downstairs in the morning when we leave for work. Our lovey puppy Oakley has a slight drooling problem and well, long story short we didn't notice the sheets and comforter needed to be washed until bed time last night.. so enter "PATTERN CITY!" There is quite a plethora of colors, designs and patterns going on here. I didn't notice how country-fied our bed looked until today when I got home and B made it! haha! made ME laugh!
Another thing that made me smile today was this...
Juno-Bear can be found in this exact location every night around 7:00 waiting on daddy to get home. Me, she runs to me at the door and says HI, but for her dad, she waits him out and is over the moon when he gets home. B's mom said that when she dog-sits for us when we go out of town, somehow Juno knows the day we are coming home and she plants herself in her spot, watching for her daddy to get home! Such a sweet baby girl!
Okay, I am ready to start over tomorrow and get my wrinkles in my workout/eating plan ironed out! I am headed to bed to hopefully sleep off this funk and start fresh in the morning! TTYL HAPPY FRIDAY!!

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