Monday, January 14, 2013

HOT date...

For a Monday today was pretty awesome! School went by crazy fast and my students were on point and well behaved. They were happy and I was happy, they stayed busy and I was busy. Especially for a rainy day recess and the kids not having a break, it was great... I have NO clue what was different about today, but I am going to try my hardest to replicate today and make tomorrow just as good! ha! (good luck to me... if I have learned anything in 5 years of teaching and 20 years of working with young kids in general, nothing is ever normal... everyday is new and everyday is different... well, here's hoping!)

I stayed on track eating today and even experimented having a "Cheryl Shake" at a new time (this is a fantastic protein shake that one of my bestie's, Cheryl, taught me and they are pretty darn good). I made the shake around 7:00am but didn't drink it until 10:30 and I was pleasantly pleased it stayed good for a few hours in the fridge! YAY for yumminess!

Meet my HOT date after school today....

My workout today was one of my favorites! I recently joined a yoga studio near my house and I absolutely LOVE it! I have taken yoga at MANY different gyms and this is by far the best! It was a class called "Flow and Fly" and it was heated. In the class we went through a lot of the same power yoga moves I am used too, but then the instructor spent several minutes leading a mini workshop on 2 particular poses. The Crow and the Headstand... last week my Crow was pretty traditional and my feet came no where near leaving the floor. Today, I was a little braver and lifted one foot and held the pose for several seconds. I was so excited! I was sweating my tail off too.. I love to judge my workouts by the amount of sweat that flies off me, and I must say, I had maximum sweat flingage today!

I left yoga on a yoga high and came home to a pre-made dinner I cooked yesterday erasing my chance to snack or make an unhealthy choice! Gotta love it! Time to get ready for tomorrow. I plan (hope) to get up by 5:00am to get my run in because I have staff meeting after school! TTYL!


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