Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thank you to MY GIRLS!

        Well, after a FABULOUS time at Girls Weekend this weekend I am home and back into the swing of things. I have to thank my girls for a second. I almost did not go to girls weekend this year because, I thought I wasn't quite ready for such a big outing. I felt I was not ready to be around happy people 24/7 (I used to be one of those happy people and that made me even more upset to think about). Well, this weekend was JUST what I needed. It forced me to stop and relax and sit on a raft in a lake and deal with my thoughts. I was definitely quieter than I ever am, but I was just sorting things out. I was pretty emotional on Friday night. The smallest things would set me off, but I think that was probably good to get it out (plus the amounts of refreshments I consumed, I am sure, spurred some of that on!!haha) and then Saturday, I was good up until that evening, when I think my unhealthy choices earlier in the week, food and beverage-wise, finally caught up with me and I felt awful (I was so afraid that if I stopped moving last week I would think about dad and loose it - so I was constantly drinking Dr. Peppers of Starbucks or anything that would keep me going - and my body said "WHOA - enough crap is enough crap!")... I was actually in bed by 9:00pm, and I was about to fall into one of my crying comas when I heard the most amazing thing... laughing, lots and lots of laughing... I could hear my Girls outside on the lake having the time of their lives and laughing, and it really made me stop and laugh! It made me hear what I used to be, and made me realize what I know I really am... and it made me see, I will be back there again, it will just take some time. Even though my tummy was on fire, I fell asleep with content and with a smile (and that has been at LEAST 2 1/2 weeks since I have gone to bed without crying). I woke up on Sunday still a little woozy, but for the most part felt great! Then I got to spend an awesome couple of hours with Christin! We were so desperate to find random things to do cause I was crazy early for my flight and didn't want to just sit at the airport. we drove around , we went to eat, and we even went on a little shopping trip- just like old times because we went to the coolest store and ended up buying the EXACT same things - on accident! Great minds think alike! :) Then I got back to my wonderful husband safe and sound that evening!
         I do realize I still have a lot of grieving and healing to do, but forcing myself to stop and relax was just want I needed to get through right now. So thank you so much my WONDERFUL girls for this weekend and I am already looking forward to next year!!
        Okay, now I know it is Wednesday and I have actually gotten some running done. On Monday I only got in 1 mile because I was still a little cautious of my tummy. And Tuesday I got in a perfect little 5K and felt pretty motivated afterwords! So I am REALLY looking forward to my run today! (I even have new running shoes in my sights that I cant wait to get this weekend!!)

Miles Covered Monday & Tuesday:
Treadmill = 4.2 Miles
Miles Left:
Big Goal/Mini Goal: 248.3/22.3

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 2: Feeling GOOD!

Day 2:
                Got in a quick 2 mile run before heading out of town this afternoon for my Girls Weekend! I am super excited to see my girls and get some needed girl time. So, I will be taking a few days off from my challenge. I know, I know, I just started right?! How can I possibly think of stopping for a break now? Well, yesterday was a rough day emotionally for me and all I wanted to do was sleep. I am beginning to see that I may WANT to have more of these days as the grieving process goes on. But, I need to be mentally and physically strong enough to lift myself up and keep going. So, a little R&R with the girls is that mental break I need, and TRUST me, when I get back from 3 days of fun (and a lil refreshments) I WILL want to get on the treadmill, FAST!! So I am now 2 miles closer and looking forward to the ride! See yall on Sunday!  :)
Miles Covered today:
Treadmill = 2 Miles
Miles Left:
Big Goal/Mini Goal: 252.5/26.5

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BIG Goal: Go Ballpark to Ballpark

Day 1:
                Well, I did a lot of thinking (and a little running today) trying to decide on my BIG Goal and Mini Goals for my mileage. I have decided to include my favorite pastime, BASEBALL! So I have decided that I want to run from ballpark to ballpark. So my first BIG GOAL will be to run from Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington in Arlington, Texas. After consulting a map and my computer I have estimated that my total mileage for this distance is approximately 257 miles. But, I also think I need to have some target cities in between so I can hit some MINI GOALS along the way. So, my first stop is The Woodlands, Texas which is just up 45 from MMP. The distance for this is 31 miles.  I also decided I would like for my challenge to include overall, whole body wellness, so for every hour I log in the gym working out it will count for 1 mile traveled. Also, yoga is my favorite, and I would like to become better at it, so for every 1 hour of yoga practiced it will also account for 1 mile traveled. Now I feel like my whole heart and "sole" is in this. Time to get started!
                          My first challenge, clean the dust off, literally!

                My poor treadmill has been a bit neglected with all of my work and personal life happening around it! So after a couple of minutes (and a can of Lysol) She is good as new! And now I can RUN! My first run this evening was good but slow, I only was able to go the short distance of 2.5 miles, and it was more of a hobble. 2 weeks ago I took a small tumble while walking my brothers dog and twisted my right foot. Though I see no swelling and very small bruising it still hurts pretty bad and doesn't seem to have its full range of motion. Actually, the running motion hurt less on my foot than the walking but, that may be because of the numbness in my body (the "runners high")  I felt once I got going. I iced my foot tonight and I will continue to monitor it the next couple of days before I decide if I need to go to the doctor (hopefully not!). But all in all, I feel I got a good start on my challenge since it has probably been almost 2 months since I last run. I really let life and work get in the way.... well not anymore! I look forward to tomorrow!
Minute Maid Park to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington = 257 miles
Minute Maid Park to The Woodlands = 31 miles
Treadmill run = 2.5 miles
Mileage Left on BIG GOAL/MINI GOAL: 254.5/28.5

Monday, June 20, 2011

Here Goes Nothing!

Hello, and welcome to my blog. I decided to start this blog, as a running diary of sorts. I am famous for asking the questions, "How long would it take me to run too...?" or "How far is it too...?" and my husbands favorite, "do you think I could ever make it too...?" Well, very recently my father passed away with liver disease and although he struggled with his health in his last few years, he used to like to run. And even more, he used to LOVE to get his kids to run with him. A few weeks before he died, I talked with him about my idea for this blog. I told him that I wanted to see how far I would travel if I were to log the miles I run on a map. But, since we live in Texas and enjoy 105 degree heat on a regular basis during the summer, running in the great outdoors is not really an option. So my running will mostly be on treadmills and occasionally some early morning or late nights and accumulate my miles that way. Dad LOVED the idea, not only because it would encourage me to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle but to also put my mind to something and actually follow through! Dad is my motivator and that makes me want to put my heart and "sole" into trying to make him proud! So my hope is to run as much as possible while plotting my mileage on a map and see how long it will take me to reach my next targeted city. So, without further ado.... Here goes NOTHING!***

***Disclaimer - I am totally nervous about putting my heart and "sole" out there for everyone to read, but I still feel a stronger urge to follow through, it is almost as though I NEED this blog! So, if you don't enjoy it or think it is silly, please feel free to stop reading at any time! :)