Monday, November 25, 2013

A Great Spin to the Week!

WOW! I love today already!! I have the whole week off and do not want to waste a second of it!! I was up and moving early this morning. B had to be up at 6:30am and being the amazing wife I am, set the alarm and woke him up, it took some extra nudging this morning. I think all of the country is being hit with a cold spell. Down here in Sugar Land it was a balmy 38 degrees and pouring this morning! I was happy when I could crawl deep under the covers after waking him up! Thank you Thanksgiving break!!

I put on my carpi's, long yoga pants, tank top, fleece-lined jacket and UGGs and headed out the door at 8:30 to make it to Spin at 9:00. Yup, it was COLD!

I know for some people 41 is nothing... For us in Southern Texas this is day-stopping FREEZING!!! It was rainy and messy but I made it to Spin just in time...
Now, I know they have spin classes at my gym, but at this Spin Studio the class is AMAZING!!! They have one big spin room, awesome bikes and the best, best, best instructors with GREAT taste in music. The classes are only 55 minutes long and I always leave there pumped and excited for my next class. Yes, I love it that much!
When I got home this morning I was pumped and ready to tackle some chores! The first of which was starting dinner. My mom was never a good cook and the only thing she taught me how to make well were Ruben Sandwiches and grilled cheeses (I make a MEAN grilled cheese!). So part of my blog has been about me improving my culinary skills. I know using a crock pot is a no-brainer, but I am still a rookie. This is what I am making for tonight,

I popped in some chicken and this packet and turned the crock pot to low. Dinner should be ready around 6 o'clock tonight! I will have to let yall know!! I hope everyone is having a fabulous start to your Thanksgiving week!

What is your favorite crock-pot recipe?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Taking The Stairs

      Today marks one full week 'sans' exercise due to doctors orders to lay low for 5 to 7 days (nothing major just some tests). So I was MORE than ready to hit that gym this afternoon! My initial plan was to get up at 5am and get on the treadmill for an ease-back-into-it run. Well, that buzzer came and left. And after pushing snooze five to seven times it was time to get up and get in the shower. That's okay, I will get another chance to get in a run tomorrow. I do LOVE a morning run.

      When I got to the gym today I decided to do the StairMaster for a warm up. I ended up staying at work a little later than planned so I only had about 10 minutes to do the stairs. I don't know about anyone else, but the StairMaster is my Achilles heel of exercise. I immediately get my heart rate up and begin huffing and puffing. Even at my fittest, the stairs kicked my butt. My husband always makes fun of me because I sound like the most out of shape person trying to catch my breathe going up a flight of stairs and I have ALWAYS been like that. Today was no exception. Even though I didn't have a very long warm up, it definitely got my heart rate up!

You can tell from the blurriness that I was trying to catch my breathe after my short 8 minute climb! But it felt great (once I was done!)
This was on the cool down, I mostly stayed at level 6. I also got in a great full body workout with some free weights!

Lets hope 5am comes with a sweet jog on the treadmill tomorrow morning :)


What cardio machine gets your heart pumping?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Farmers Market Finds

Oh my GOODNESS! I cannot believe I have let so much time lapse between my last psot and now! I have missed it soooo much!!! This blog has become such a healthy way for me to express myself and help to motivate me to exercise and lead a healthier lifestyle. I hope to not let it get away from me again.

Farmers Market Finds! I don't know about you, but I LOVE our local Farmers Market. It began as a temporary selling spot for a few yummy veggies and has exploded to sell all kinds of treats and goodies! Check out our finds from this past Saturday!
I am especially excited to make something with the homemade breads! They smell AMAZE! I have also found a new love I never knew existed before... Sweet Potatoes! Oh sweet fix, where have you been all my life!! These delectable delights should encourage some tasty treats this week for sure!! I am slightly sad with our local Farmers Market though, I have been several times with hopes of finding some fresh fruits... But, alas, they NEVER seem to offer any. I know the time of year isn't exactly fruit harvesting time, but I guess as long as the temperatures stay in the mid to upper 80's I still want fruity fun!

I have been off of the wagon work-out-wise for the past week due to a jam packed work schedule, but things are calming back down and I am ready to hop back on again!! Hope everyone has a fantastic night!!


What is your favorite Farmers Market find?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Busy, Busy!

          Hey there! This is how busy I am these days... I am writing this blog whilst I sit at my salon with foil in my hair waiting for the timer to ding and tell my amazing hair lady it is time to wash... Yes, that busy!!


      This place has the most amazing coffee!!! I think I look forward to this more than the hair uplift!

        Well, I feel horrible I have been MIA from my blog in a while... This Masters stuff is no joke! The first few days were filled with reading, crying, typing, crying, chatting with my classmates oh an more crying! Seriously, I have been out of school for so long (really not that long but you know) that I had become accustomed to making my own schedule... I love my gym time, my pool time and my family time and I was beating myself up cause I thought I was missing it... Then I had a come to Jesus meeting with myself.... I can TOTALLY do this I just need to take control of it like I do other parts of my life. Like at work, I can choose to let a rude coworker or a mean parent ruin my day, or I can laugh it off and say, (in my best southern accent) "bless their heart". I could choose to get unhealthy and sloppy and not care about what I look like cause I am married and settled. Or I can choose to workout, dress cute and make my husband want to be with me!! (I def choose the latter!). Well, I decided to do the same with this Masters program! I can make my schedule and make it work for me and still get my pool, family, and workout time! So now I love it!!!

See, best of both worlds, studying and Starbucks! And I must say I SOOOOO lucked out! I got THE best partner for my group work in my class! She is motivated and driven and the sweetest person ever!! In fact thanks to her, I should finish up everything due for my first class by the end of this week (THAT IS TWO WEEKS EARLY!!) so I am loving it!!

           On to the workouts! I AM OUT OF THE BOOT!! For those not on my same schedule, I have been in an Aircast for 10 L-O-N-G. weeks!! Last Wednesday I graduated!!! I am OUT!! I still have to take it easy and follow an "easing back in plan" but I don't mind... I can see the light and and I am beyond ready!!

Adios boot! I am soooo over you!! haha!


Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer BABY!!!

      Hey there! So I have been gone a while and I am back baby! And even better, it is SUMMER BABY!! The last two months have been pretty busy with school and everything. But, trust me when I say how much I have missed my blogging! So let me catch you up on a few things. Ready, set, go...

1) I got into the Masters Program in Curriculum and Instruction at Texas A&M University (which started this week by the way... so my free time is null)

I am SUPER excited, but a little nervous at the same time, just want to be successful... I plan to take it one class at a time!!

2) SCHOOL IS OUT FOR SUMMER!!! I am really excited, but it is bittersweet... I am happy for the break, but going to miss my sweet, sweet babies that have been my life for the past 9 months! Look what some of my girls did during stations earlier this week...
I know that may be hard to read, but I know their handwriting too well, and this melted my heart!
3) The last two pictures go hand in hand.. I did have to work today though really only a half day getting my room cleaned up and ready for the summer. When I got in my car this morning it felt amazing! We had a "cold front" come through yesterday.. When I said cold front I mean the temperature dropped from 95 to 80 degrees and it feels amazing! When I got in the car this morning I had to document how amazing it felt!
It may be awhile before I can post a pic like this again! :)
4) When I got home I sat back and relaxed...ahhhhhhhh....
Perfect way to end the school year and start the Summer! I am excited for the next few months and cant wait to blog about it!! Have a great start to your Summer as well!!


Friday, April 12, 2013

Its Shiner Time!

WOW! What a week! Well, my plan to begin Clean Eating did not quite go as intended and this is why...
Meet Shiner Blonde Fikac! The newest member of our family! She is an 8 week old Australian Shepard Lab Mix. She is absolutely adorable!! I know it seems really soon after losing our sweet Dutchie to get another dog. But our other two dogs (especially our yellow lab mix, Oakley) seemed withdrawn and depressed since their sister has been gone. And when we went to pet her, we were not even looking to adopt, it was just sort of meant to be! We adopted her from a pretty cool shelter called, "CAP" in Katy .We brought her home on Sunday night and things have been pretty hectic, but really great! She got a clean bill of health from our vet on Monday. But, on Tuesday when I got home from work, it seemed as if her incision from her spaying was coming open so I rushed her back to the vet (in a whole 'nuther town, but he is such a wonderful vet we could never imagine switching). Only to find out I was an over protective mommy and she was fine. Turns out she loves the car and she slept the whole way home, sans carrier, and even let mommy stop off to get a Starbucks!!
The other pups are accepting her quite well.
See the resemblance! It is a baby Oakley!! I cant wait until she is one week post surgery (Sunday) and they can play full force! Its going to be hilarious!!
My dinners this week were pretty good, chicken tenders and red potatoes one night and a frozen pasta and veggie stir fry another night. But, the highlight meal of the week was this...
Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner! It is da bomb! My only compliant, the bacon was not crispy enough for me! Burn it, that is how to do bacon right! haha!
Well, off to play with the pup! Hope everyone has a fantastic start to the weekend!!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

"The Challenge"

So, Wednesday afternoon while I was changing for yoga, a flyer in the restroom caught my eye...
I was intrigued! So I asked the lady at the front desk and she told me all about it. It sounds absolutely fantastic! She said it is a 2 hour class that involves a yoga session, discussions about healthy and clean eating and mediation practices. After she finished talking I was SOLD! I signed up. I cannot wait. I don't know much more about the challenge yet, except I have to journal what I take in, commit to yoga 5 days a week and EEKS-- give up caffeine and alcohol. The alcohol will be easy, but I don't know if I can go with out my morning coffee!! Our first session may be to try and convince this First Grade teacher how to go with out.. not sure that part of the challenge will happen. But the rest I am stoked about!

This challenge got me thinking. The working out and running is helping me to drop some lbs, but I feel I can still do more. I feel I am getting burned out with the same ole food in the kitchen so I want to try clean eating. I have read a bunch on it and have heard how great it is for your body. So I am going to give it a try! The next month of blogs should have some fun cooking stories in it!! haha!

Have a great rest of your weekend!


Friday, April 5, 2013

No time to Stress

YAAAAY!! Another Thursday in the books and Friday is on the horizon! Sooo ready! I must say, as far as school years go, this one has been pretty speedy!

Well, I met with my trainer today! I have not been in to see him in almost a month. Something came up every time we were supposed to meet. From Georgia, to meetings, to getting sick, I have been M.I.A. as far as the gym is concerned.

I have been working out though. I have been trying to endure and ignore the foot pain which has progressively gotten worse. But, I have not quit. We did my assessment today and I think my trainer was shocked! I went down 5lbs (though my morning weigh-in's at home say I have lost even more, but that is before food and sans clothes!). And I am DOWN on all my measurements and I have lost 4% of my body fat!!! 4%!!!!! I am sooo excited!!!

However, after I told him about my foot and attempted a few exercise with an apparent grimace on my face, this is what I am doing right now...


This will be my view for the next week and a half. Ice, elevation and rest. Well, at least I found a use for the yucky broccoli! haha!! And YES, can you believe it... a fire in the fireplace in April! Crazy weather!

Well, my trainer (and my friends, AND my husband) all think I have a stress fracture. I think they may be right but I have worked so hard to get to this race, I will go to the doctor AFTER the race next Sunday. I know it may not be the smartest thing to do, and I know there are a million reasons why I should not run. But, for me, this is something I have to do for me. I am very aware of the damage it may do, but this is where my determination and stubbornness collide. If I have to hobble across that finish line I will, and I will be soooo proud of myself. I will have reached a goal I set for myself 4 months ago and have been working so hard to get too. I cant wait!

Now, that you so kindly read my rant I would like to wish everyone a wonderful start to their weekend!! Enjoy!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Month In a Minute

Okay, so I know I let a week slip by once and summed it up in a single blog. Well, the month of March was NO exception! It was fast and furious, and boy, how I have missed writing! So, the best thing to do is to sum up my month in what I would like to call, a "month in a minute". So here we go!

Last I wrote I was about to leave for a vacation in Savannah, Ga to visit one of my best friends and her family! We worked together at the same school my first year as an aide, and we love to tell the story of how I just hated her! I thought she swooped in and stole my other friends job. Then the unthinkable happened... I got to know her and I LOVED her! Now, 5 years later, one big move (her), the loss of two parents (me), and 2 kids later (her), we talk almost every day! And my trip to visit her did not disappoint!! Here are just a few of the things we did...
Jenni is always so super crafty and had this awaiting me when I arrived! Gotta love her!

We visited Tybee Island where the movie "The Last Song" was filmed. We took her BE-YOND adorable son Grayson with us and this kid is the biggest FLIRT! I am in love! And seriously, the kid could be my son, right??
Apparently, St. Patricks Day in Savannah is the second biggest celebration in the country next to Chicago. So we HAD to go and visit the famous green fountain in Forsyth Park! I thought this was pretty awesome until I saw that EVERY fountain in Savannah is dyed green for celebration! crazy!!
This was one of the coolest things we did! We rented the movie, "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" which is based on a murder in Savannah. It was a great movie and if you have not seen it yet, I highly recommend it! It was really good! We went and visited the famous cemetery in the movie. And while at first I was a little leery of going to a graveyard for fun, it turned out to be pretty awesome! And there was a ton of tourists there. This place was pretty historic.
And no trip would be complete without Jenni taking me across the bridge to South Carolina so I could say that I visited 2 states in one day. The very first thing I saw when we crossed the state line was this...
Couldn't help it! I had to take a picture! I thought this was pretty hilarious!

Oh and I can not forget, anyone who knows me, knows my love for everything baseball! Well, little did I know Savannah is home to this...
William Grayson Stadium, home of the Savannah Sandgnats! This is the oldest minor league ballpark in the country! It is an affiliate of the Mets. When I told the girl who let me in to buy souvenirs that we now have the Minor League team too, the Skeeters, she immediately loved the name as we were both apparently annoying insects! hahaha!!

It was a great GREAT trip! I cant wait to go back and I am already planning my trip back this summer!

So onto more somber and sad news a couple of days after I got back for Georgia we lost one of our babies...
Our sweet, gentle giant, Dutchie, passed away on St. Patricks Day. It was extremely fast and extremely sudden. The only comfort I can take away is that she passed at home, in her favorite spot, with her favorite blanket with us all around... It happened almost 3 weeks ago, and I miss her as much as if it were yesterday.

Okay, I HAVE to change the subject... making me sad. Onto happy... To round out the month, one of my best friends in the world came down to visit! And the mini Girls Weekend did NOT disappoint! You know that saving, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Well same goes for Girls Weekend. so the only picture I will post is this...

I know, poor Christins eyes are closed because she was in the middle of talking and laughing, but that really does sum up that weekend! Hilarious, and wonderful! Love that all my besties get along so well! Love them all!!

Well, we are now in April, and though I have not trained as much as I would have liked due to severe foot pain (in both feet), I still have a half marathon coming up in about 2 weeks! I am excited! Well, more on that later! I gotta go, it is starting to storm here and one of our puppies has major anxiety when she hears thunder (we call it her "dog-ler" radar, get it like "dopler" radar!??! haha!!) oh well. It feels great to be back and I will write much, much more this month! Have a wonderful Wednesday!!



Thursday, March 7, 2013


T-Minus 8 MORE hours of work until it is officially SPRING BREAK!!! Okay, all (and I mean ALL) of my teacher friends have totally and completely earned this break. And honestly, I feel the kids need it too.. A break every now and then from where they spend so much of their time within inches of their neighbor, is good for the body, good for the soul. And is GREAT for the teacher! haha!

So in preparation for my break and my trip to visit one of my besties, I had a little too much fun buying books on my Kindle. Even though I miss the smell of a new book, and the satisfaction of closing a book when it is completed, I must say I do love the ease of buying any and all the books I want with just the push of a button. Check out my purchases for the week! (again SOOO excited...)

and I couldn't pass up this $.99 gem..
I think it is a good start don't you! haha! I am telling you I get carried away. But, I am super excited to get to just sit and read for a bit. The last series I read really sucked me in and I have had a hard time finding another book to keep my attention.
Time to hit the hay! I am seriously Christmas-Excited for tomorrow!! Spring Break BABY! (well almost!)
Happy Friday! Smiles

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy Half

Well, I have been off my blog for a while. My bad! Things have been busy, but in a good way, and my week culminated with me competing in my first half marathon in 2 years this morning! But more on that in a second.

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a great day. My team of amazing co-workers treated me to the most delicious petite-fours on Friday!
Super yumm!!! I love these little things!! The perfect amount of goodness!!
Friday night, B took me shopping and I got some great birthday goodies and we even had a yummy meal. Saturday (my birthday) was spent relaxing getting ready for my race the next day. I seriously have found the secret the perfect pre-race meal!
Steak, a baked potato and a Shiner Bock! A couple of years ago, before my first half I discovered this meal the night before my race and I felt GREAT the next day. So, why mess with a good thing right!
This morning I was up crazy early to make the 6:30AM start! I had agreed to do the race with a friend of mine that I ran with last week in the 10K. But, due to an injury to her hip, she had to pull out of the race so she didn't hurt herself more. I was bummed at first, but I completely understand as I am having some FEET (yes, feet, as in BOTH my feet - OUCH!)issues. But I felt I needed to go through with the race. And I am so so SO glad I did! At the starting line it was a frigid 34 degrees, but I very quickly warmed up and shredded my first layer by mile one. I got a special shirt for today and this was definitely my mantra for this race,
Don't, be Last! This was a definite conversation starter! I made quite a few friends on the route! I love the camaraderie at races. Everyone is so friendly and encouraging. It is one of my favorite things about running!
I ran the entire 13.1 miles and the first half of the race I ran a 13:33/mm and the second half of the race I got a little faster and averaged a 12:58/mm. I will take it! I finished the race under the time I estimated! My official time was 2:52:55... I finished 63rd in my age group (new age group btw!!) and 635th overall. I am sooooo happy i decided to follow through and do the race! I have no regrets! I am thrilled!
And now for one more first before I log off for the night... Check out the post race food,

Cant beat the smell of pizza at 9:30 in the morning after running 13.1 miles! Never had this right after a race! haha! Hope everyone has a great start to their week! 5 MORE days till Spring Break!!!


Saturday, February 23, 2013

10K Time!

Well, race day is here and it was AHHHH-MAZING!!! Today, thanks to a super sweet friend, I ran in my first road race in almost 2 years and my FIRST 10K (6.2 miles) EVER. It was AWESOME!! The whole point behind doing today's race was so I could get practice in how I want to handle prep for my bigger race next weekend which is a Half Marathon. So lets begin with last night, shall we...

Our evening started out normal. Yesterday at my school it was Jump Rope for Heart so B drove me to work. When he picked me up, I convinced him we needed to stop at our new favorite coffee shop. While we sipped away, we tried to decide on what to have as my pre-race meal. In the past for my last 2 Halfs, due to over-crowded Italian restaurants and every one "carb-ing" up, I didn't get to go to any pasta places. So, I kind of started a tradition that first year, opting for steak and beer (Shiner Bock to be exact). Well, I didn't want to mess with a good thing so I was leaning towards that again, but B wanted to go to this spaghetti cook off near our house trying to talk up a "pasta party". Well, we were completely on the fence about dinner and on our way home from coffee, when we spotted a stray dog running around. She chased our car and we when stopped so we wouldn't hit her, I opened the door to see where she was and a big black lab jumped in our car!! It was a shock at first, but that pup turned out to be a big 'ole sweetie. Once I called the number on her tags the owner was so appreciative we saved her baby that she thanked us with 2 of these...
Turns our Fido's owner is a city council member and over our district (WOW! you never know who you will meet!). I guess that dictated our dinner for the evening. I have to say, I wasn't at all disappointed either. It was a really cool event where firefighters, police offices and other law enforcement were having a cook off trying to make the best sauce. And we were NOT complaining...
I swear, there is pasta under there! It was soooo good!
I was in bed, early and happily full! This morning I suited up,
(of course this picture was after the race hence the wrinkly - sweat filled shirt!)
I had such a great run this morning too. I was a bit too hot though, I over layered and my T-shirt was a little big, but like I said before, it was definitely a practice run and a learning experience. But it was still great! (THANKS again Courtney!)

Wish we would have thought to take a pre-race picture! My 'un-official' race time was 1:17 for 6.2 miles. I am still waiting for the official times to be posted... but you better believe if it is anytime close to that I will be stoked, cause that will have beaten my usual 6 mile time by about 6 minutes! YAY!!
After the race though is ALWAYS my favorite! LUNCH! Check it out,
I love me some Indian food. After lunch B and I did a little shopping and I was looking for a particular "fanny pack" for my next race that will fit water bottles and some gel. Although, we did not find the pack I wanted I did pick up this motivation for next weekends half...

I love it, but I may have to wear it backwards to remind myself if I need some "go-go power!".

Well, time to get ready for dinner, and I am starving! Hope every ones weekend is as fantastic as mine!!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week In a Wink

Happy Thursday! What a great week it has been so far! I know I have not blogged in the last week, but not for lack of thinking about it. After coming back from Dallas this past weekend, I have caught a mystery cold. Usually, I can tell where I have picked up the sniffles (usually from the 21 little 6 and 7 year olds I spend 8 hours a day with!). But this cold snuck up on me. I am beginning to feel like myself again, and I am grateful!

So the best way to catch you up is do a, "Week in a Wink"... Just give you a quick glance at what I did this week.. ready, here goes!

I began my work week with with a day off thanks to a much needed holiday, so I set off the week right.. with a mani, pedi...

Now, this would have been great, but when I looked down after she took my old polish off, I saw the results of all my new running... 3 BRUISED toenails!! It is crazy, because I only felt one of them! I knew I was a hard running, but gosh!

Well, maybe these new babies will help to alleviate that some,
Check out my new babies! These are Mizuno's Wave Rider 16's. I am so stoked! I visited the run store, "Run On!" for the first time when we were in Dallas this weekend and was fitted for these. I hope they work! Oh and bonus, check out my socks! I swear by Balega socks. They are the most comfortable socks I have ever run in! I got 2 new (neon yellow) pairs! Love them!

I spent the rest of my Monday off with one of my best friends and her new addition, that I am completely in love with...
Meet Baxter! How adorable is he?? We get to puppy-sit him in a few weeks!! Our dogs should love that!!
We got a little rain this week too.. See...
A certain little Bear, didn't want to come in from the rain. I think she likes it so much, because then mommy snuggles her in a towel until she is all dry! Awe, my little mess!
Along with keeping up with my workouts and getting some good running I managed to cook a few tasty meals in between..
I am a sucker for fish and since my favorite fish is now protected (hey, I didn't eat that much), tilapia is a great replacement (note-- this is not cooked yet, but the finished version was delicious and by far my favorite meal of the week!)
Whew, how was that, "Week in a Wink"? This weekend I am doing my first race in almost 2 years and my first 10K ever! I am stoked! Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Hearts Day

Happy Valentines Day All! What a great day today was! Every year B and I have been together I have bought him a "Boy Bag".  Ten years ago when B and I had our first Valentines together I felt the day was mostly about me and I wanted him to have fun too, so I got him a boy themed bag with goodies a boy would love. I think in that first bag I got him there were boxers, cookies, and dip (when he used to dip a lot --YUCK!) and I think I also got him a small bottle of Crown Royal. Well, 10 years later the tradition lives on!
B was very excited about all his goodies this year (disclaimer -- he ASKED for the socks! haha)

He did pretty well in the gift department himself, getting me a GORGEOUS necklace, which I will have to post the picture of later because it is upstairs at the moment. And he brought me home this,
Love it and LOVE HIM!!!
Our dinner tonight was spent cooking our meal together at home! You cant beat the food, or the lack of crowds!

B cooked most of it. I made the slightly burned rolls and the microwave broccoli and rice! I need to get him to cook more often, seriously he has a gift! :)

Work today was fun but chaotic! The atmosphere almost rivaled the day of the Christmas party. The kids were so excited and so hyped up! But I have to say even though they were overly excited my kids were still sweeties and still followed the classroom rules!

This was one of the Valentines I got from one of my kiddos! How adorable is this?? It is a robot!! I LOVED it! He made 22 of these (or at least his mom did!) so cute!!

I did NOT get my workout today due to this sweet Valentine...

Oakley-Bear has a VERY annoying habit of sleeping in our bed and completely stretching out to where we are curled in a ball and she has all the room. Well, because of this cutie, I slept funny and this morning woke up with an awful crick in my neck. I could barely move or look to my left side. I haven't had a crick in so long and forgot how horrible they felt! This will be my first workout day in 7 weeks where I have missed a workout. I am kinda bummed, but feel great in the fact that I am now down 11 pounds and when I squatted to pick something up in my room today, my pants about fell off! So at least my body is loving the workouts!! I hope to be up early and on the treadmill!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Valentines Day!!!