Monday, November 18, 2013

Farmers Market Finds

Oh my GOODNESS! I cannot believe I have let so much time lapse between my last psot and now! I have missed it soooo much!!! This blog has become such a healthy way for me to express myself and help to motivate me to exercise and lead a healthier lifestyle. I hope to not let it get away from me again.

Farmers Market Finds! I don't know about you, but I LOVE our local Farmers Market. It began as a temporary selling spot for a few yummy veggies and has exploded to sell all kinds of treats and goodies! Check out our finds from this past Saturday!
I am especially excited to make something with the homemade breads! They smell AMAZE! I have also found a new love I never knew existed before... Sweet Potatoes! Oh sweet fix, where have you been all my life!! These delectable delights should encourage some tasty treats this week for sure!! I am slightly sad with our local Farmers Market though, I have been several times with hopes of finding some fresh fruits... But, alas, they NEVER seem to offer any. I know the time of year isn't exactly fruit harvesting time, but I guess as long as the temperatures stay in the mid to upper 80's I still want fruity fun!

I have been off of the wagon work-out-wise for the past week due to a jam packed work schedule, but things are calming back down and I am ready to hop back on again!! Hope everyone has a fantastic night!!


What is your favorite Farmers Market find?


  1. Farmer's markets are the absolute best! Lets get motivated to be healthy together! p.s. Love the playful background.

  2. Its a deal!! Thanks girl!!! I love me some motivation :)