Monday, November 25, 2013

A Great Spin to the Week!

WOW! I love today already!! I have the whole week off and do not want to waste a second of it!! I was up and moving early this morning. B had to be up at 6:30am and being the amazing wife I am, set the alarm and woke him up, it took some extra nudging this morning. I think all of the country is being hit with a cold spell. Down here in Sugar Land it was a balmy 38 degrees and pouring this morning! I was happy when I could crawl deep under the covers after waking him up! Thank you Thanksgiving break!!

I put on my carpi's, long yoga pants, tank top, fleece-lined jacket and UGGs and headed out the door at 8:30 to make it to Spin at 9:00. Yup, it was COLD!

I know for some people 41 is nothing... For us in Southern Texas this is day-stopping FREEZING!!! It was rainy and messy but I made it to Spin just in time...
Now, I know they have spin classes at my gym, but at this Spin Studio the class is AMAZING!!! They have one big spin room, awesome bikes and the best, best, best instructors with GREAT taste in music. The classes are only 55 minutes long and I always leave there pumped and excited for my next class. Yes, I love it that much!
When I got home this morning I was pumped and ready to tackle some chores! The first of which was starting dinner. My mom was never a good cook and the only thing she taught me how to make well were Ruben Sandwiches and grilled cheeses (I make a MEAN grilled cheese!). So part of my blog has been about me improving my culinary skills. I know using a crock pot is a no-brainer, but I am still a rookie. This is what I am making for tonight,

I popped in some chicken and this packet and turned the crock pot to low. Dinner should be ready around 6 o'clock tonight! I will have to let yall know!! I hope everyone is having a fabulous start to your Thanksgiving week!

What is your favorite crock-pot recipe?

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  1. Ohh, that slow cooker sauce looks so good! The best slow cooker meal for us is pulled pork. You just throw a pork shoulder in the crock pot with 1 cup of root beer (not diet, full sugar) and cook it on low for 10 hours and then drain the root beer out and toss it in your favourite bbq sauce and shred it. So good!