Thursday, March 7, 2013


T-Minus 8 MORE hours of work until it is officially SPRING BREAK!!! Okay, all (and I mean ALL) of my teacher friends have totally and completely earned this break. And honestly, I feel the kids need it too.. A break every now and then from where they spend so much of their time within inches of their neighbor, is good for the body, good for the soul. And is GREAT for the teacher! haha!

So in preparation for my break and my trip to visit one of my besties, I had a little too much fun buying books on my Kindle. Even though I miss the smell of a new book, and the satisfaction of closing a book when it is completed, I must say I do love the ease of buying any and all the books I want with just the push of a button. Check out my purchases for the week! (again SOOO excited...)

and I couldn't pass up this $.99 gem..
I think it is a good start don't you! haha! I am telling you I get carried away. But, I am super excited to get to just sit and read for a bit. The last series I read really sucked me in and I have had a hard time finding another book to keep my attention.
Time to hit the hay! I am seriously Christmas-Excited for tomorrow!! Spring Break BABY! (well almost!)
Happy Friday! Smiles

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy Half

Well, I have been off my blog for a while. My bad! Things have been busy, but in a good way, and my week culminated with me competing in my first half marathon in 2 years this morning! But more on that in a second.

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a great day. My team of amazing co-workers treated me to the most delicious petite-fours on Friday!
Super yumm!!! I love these little things!! The perfect amount of goodness!!
Friday night, B took me shopping and I got some great birthday goodies and we even had a yummy meal. Saturday (my birthday) was spent relaxing getting ready for my race the next day. I seriously have found the secret the perfect pre-race meal!
Steak, a baked potato and a Shiner Bock! A couple of years ago, before my first half I discovered this meal the night before my race and I felt GREAT the next day. So, why mess with a good thing right!
This morning I was up crazy early to make the 6:30AM start! I had agreed to do the race with a friend of mine that I ran with last week in the 10K. But, due to an injury to her hip, she had to pull out of the race so she didn't hurt herself more. I was bummed at first, but I completely understand as I am having some FEET (yes, feet, as in BOTH my feet - OUCH!)issues. But I felt I needed to go through with the race. And I am so so SO glad I did! At the starting line it was a frigid 34 degrees, but I very quickly warmed up and shredded my first layer by mile one. I got a special shirt for today and this was definitely my mantra for this race,
Don't, be Last! This was a definite conversation starter! I made quite a few friends on the route! I love the camaraderie at races. Everyone is so friendly and encouraging. It is one of my favorite things about running!
I ran the entire 13.1 miles and the first half of the race I ran a 13:33/mm and the second half of the race I got a little faster and averaged a 12:58/mm. I will take it! I finished the race under the time I estimated! My official time was 2:52:55... I finished 63rd in my age group (new age group btw!!) and 635th overall. I am sooooo happy i decided to follow through and do the race! I have no regrets! I am thrilled!
And now for one more first before I log off for the night... Check out the post race food,

Cant beat the smell of pizza at 9:30 in the morning after running 13.1 miles! Never had this right after a race! haha! Hope everyone has a great start to their week! 5 MORE days till Spring Break!!!