Thursday, June 20, 2013

Busy, Busy!

          Hey there! This is how busy I am these days... I am writing this blog whilst I sit at my salon with foil in my hair waiting for the timer to ding and tell my amazing hair lady it is time to wash... Yes, that busy!!


      This place has the most amazing coffee!!! I think I look forward to this more than the hair uplift!

        Well, I feel horrible I have been MIA from my blog in a while... This Masters stuff is no joke! The first few days were filled with reading, crying, typing, crying, chatting with my classmates oh an more crying! Seriously, I have been out of school for so long (really not that long but you know) that I had become accustomed to making my own schedule... I love my gym time, my pool time and my family time and I was beating myself up cause I thought I was missing it... Then I had a come to Jesus meeting with myself.... I can TOTALLY do this I just need to take control of it like I do other parts of my life. Like at work, I can choose to let a rude coworker or a mean parent ruin my day, or I can laugh it off and say, (in my best southern accent) "bless their heart". I could choose to get unhealthy and sloppy and not care about what I look like cause I am married and settled. Or I can choose to workout, dress cute and make my husband want to be with me!! (I def choose the latter!). Well, I decided to do the same with this Masters program! I can make my schedule and make it work for me and still get my pool, family, and workout time! So now I love it!!!

See, best of both worlds, studying and Starbucks! And I must say I SOOOOO lucked out! I got THE best partner for my group work in my class! She is motivated and driven and the sweetest person ever!! In fact thanks to her, I should finish up everything due for my first class by the end of this week (THAT IS TWO WEEKS EARLY!!) so I am loving it!!

           On to the workouts! I AM OUT OF THE BOOT!! For those not on my same schedule, I have been in an Aircast for 10 L-O-N-G. weeks!! Last Wednesday I graduated!!! I am OUT!! I still have to take it easy and follow an "easing back in plan" but I don't mind... I can see the light and and I am beyond ready!!

Adios boot! I am soooo over you!! haha!


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