Saturday, February 23, 2013

10K Time!

Well, race day is here and it was AHHHH-MAZING!!! Today, thanks to a super sweet friend, I ran in my first road race in almost 2 years and my FIRST 10K (6.2 miles) EVER. It was AWESOME!! The whole point behind doing today's race was so I could get practice in how I want to handle prep for my bigger race next weekend which is a Half Marathon. So lets begin with last night, shall we...

Our evening started out normal. Yesterday at my school it was Jump Rope for Heart so B drove me to work. When he picked me up, I convinced him we needed to stop at our new favorite coffee shop. While we sipped away, we tried to decide on what to have as my pre-race meal. In the past for my last 2 Halfs, due to over-crowded Italian restaurants and every one "carb-ing" up, I didn't get to go to any pasta places. So, I kind of started a tradition that first year, opting for steak and beer (Shiner Bock to be exact). Well, I didn't want to mess with a good thing so I was leaning towards that again, but B wanted to go to this spaghetti cook off near our house trying to talk up a "pasta party". Well, we were completely on the fence about dinner and on our way home from coffee, when we spotted a stray dog running around. She chased our car and we when stopped so we wouldn't hit her, I opened the door to see where she was and a big black lab jumped in our car!! It was a shock at first, but that pup turned out to be a big 'ole sweetie. Once I called the number on her tags the owner was so appreciative we saved her baby that she thanked us with 2 of these...
Turns our Fido's owner is a city council member and over our district (WOW! you never know who you will meet!). I guess that dictated our dinner for the evening. I have to say, I wasn't at all disappointed either. It was a really cool event where firefighters, police offices and other law enforcement were having a cook off trying to make the best sauce. And we were NOT complaining...
I swear, there is pasta under there! It was soooo good!
I was in bed, early and happily full! This morning I suited up,
(of course this picture was after the race hence the wrinkly - sweat filled shirt!)
I had such a great run this morning too. I was a bit too hot though, I over layered and my T-shirt was a little big, but like I said before, it was definitely a practice run and a learning experience. But it was still great! (THANKS again Courtney!)

Wish we would have thought to take a pre-race picture! My 'un-official' race time was 1:17 for 6.2 miles. I am still waiting for the official times to be posted... but you better believe if it is anytime close to that I will be stoked, cause that will have beaten my usual 6 mile time by about 6 minutes! YAY!!
After the race though is ALWAYS my favorite! LUNCH! Check it out,
I love me some Indian food. After lunch B and I did a little shopping and I was looking for a particular "fanny pack" for my next race that will fit water bottles and some gel. Although, we did not find the pack I wanted I did pick up this motivation for next weekends half...

I love it, but I may have to wear it backwards to remind myself if I need some "go-go power!".

Well, time to get ready for dinner, and I am starving! Hope every ones weekend is as fantastic as mine!!



  1. I am walking vicariously through your running! Enjoyed the read!