Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Hearts Day

Happy Valentines Day All! What a great day today was! Every year B and I have been together I have bought him a "Boy Bag".  Ten years ago when B and I had our first Valentines together I felt the day was mostly about me and I wanted him to have fun too, so I got him a boy themed bag with goodies a boy would love. I think in that first bag I got him there were boxers, cookies, and dip (when he used to dip a lot --YUCK!) and I think I also got him a small bottle of Crown Royal. Well, 10 years later the tradition lives on!
B was very excited about all his goodies this year (disclaimer -- he ASKED for the socks! haha)

He did pretty well in the gift department himself, getting me a GORGEOUS necklace, which I will have to post the picture of later because it is upstairs at the moment. And he brought me home this,
Love it and LOVE HIM!!!
Our dinner tonight was spent cooking our meal together at home! You cant beat the food, or the lack of crowds!

B cooked most of it. I made the slightly burned rolls and the microwave broccoli and rice! I need to get him to cook more often, seriously he has a gift! :)

Work today was fun but chaotic! The atmosphere almost rivaled the day of the Christmas party. The kids were so excited and so hyped up! But I have to say even though they were overly excited my kids were still sweeties and still followed the classroom rules!

This was one of the Valentines I got from one of my kiddos! How adorable is this?? It is a robot!! I LOVED it! He made 22 of these (or at least his mom did!) so cute!!

I did NOT get my workout today due to this sweet Valentine...

Oakley-Bear has a VERY annoying habit of sleeping in our bed and completely stretching out to where we are curled in a ball and she has all the room. Well, because of this cutie, I slept funny and this morning woke up with an awful crick in my neck. I could barely move or look to my left side. I haven't had a crick in so long and forgot how horrible they felt! This will be my first workout day in 7 weeks where I have missed a workout. I am kinda bummed, but feel great in the fact that I am now down 11 pounds and when I squatted to pick something up in my room today, my pants about fell off! So at least my body is loving the workouts!! I hope to be up early and on the treadmill!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Valentines Day!!!


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