Monday, February 4, 2013

A Reward

Hey! And Happy first Monday in February! Hope the month is off to a good start! Today for me had its ups and downs. I missed my morning run this morning due to the crud settling in my lungs from sleep and it took a good hour and a half for me to sound somewhat normal and not like I smoked a pack of cigarettes before bed! Today was our "100th Day At School" and it should have been a fun day for my students (and I am sure they had a great time!) but it was rough for me. I just was feeling BLAH!

When I got home from work, B and I decided we needed to escape for a while. We have discovered THE BEST coffee shop near our house and they have this drink called a "cinnamon blonde latte" and as B put it, "its like Christmas in a cup!" It is so yummy
Eat your heart out big coffee chains! We now have a new love!!

Then we headed to the Outlet Mall to walk around. It has been a while since we have walked around the mall, and Mondays are apparently the day to do it! I even found the Nike Outlet store and remembered I forgot to treat myself for loosing 8 pounds last month! So "viola!" Reward purchase made...
(disclaimer -- i am still new at this blog thing and messed with this silly picture for about 20 minutes to turn in the right way and I couldn't get it!! GRRRRRR!! So sorry!!) I bought 2 pairs of the Nike Tempo Running Shorts and hope they live up to their hype! We shall see!
On the way out tonight we stopped off at Bass Pro Shops where I made a friend,
"Hey how ya doing?!?!" hahaah! He just stared at me so I thought he needed a paparazzi moment!!
When we got home tonight I changed into my new shorts and logged 2 miles on the treadmill. It felt pretty good. Still not 100%, but a great start back! So hopefully I will be back full throttle tomorrow! Oh and I loved the new shorts by the way! Super comfy! Splurge justified (ahhhh, my favorite kind!)

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  1. I have the worst trouble with posting pictures too!