Sunday, February 3, 2013

For the dogs

Well, I am going to take advantage of the Super Bowl blackout to write my blog real quick. Since my Texans and Cowboys are out of it, I am going for the Ravens. Ray Rice was my fantasy running back (the league where I came in 3rd place! YAY!) and I love Ray Lewis! I would love to see him go out on top. Sooo GO RAVENS!!

I woke up this morning quite possibly feeling even worse than the last two days! I was so bummed! My next half marathon is one month from today and I can not afford to slack on my running. I sulked while I ate my breakfast when B came up with the best idea. Since I knew I shouldn't over-stress my sick body with a run, he suggested taking the dogs for walks. I loved the idea! I immediately (slowly) ran upstairs and got ready while B got the pups ready. Since the dogs are so different in age and ability I split my walk into two. Oakley got the first leg with a steady 6-mile walk.
Anyone who knows our dogs knows they are all shelter dogs and had a horrible start at life. They definitely live the cushy life now, but all three of them still have strong people phobias. Oakley may have it the worst. She is an angel to us and makes us laugh constantly with her goofy behavior and endless energy. And she loves to snuggle with us when she can. However, she is very weary of strangers. Because of the gorgeous weather, people were out all over the place today. So this was a great time to work on her training and teach her a new word, "behave". Oakley learned the word fast learned what happens when she barked at a passer by. By the end of our 6-miler she was a pro and pretty tolerant of others in the neighborhood. I mean I don't think she made any new friends, but she still made me proud!!
Then I came home and switch dogs. B leashed up "The Queen".
Juno is our 13 year old chow lab mix and is a pro at walks. Her only issue is she LOVES to stop about every 5 feet and smell... nothing.... I mean it, there is nothing in the grass but she must stop, smell and pee! She is not a good running dog due to that fact! But she is great on a leash and doesn't mind passers-by. We got in a cool 2-mile walk! At the end of our walk we were greeted by her other sister and our other baby, our Great Dane Dutch, who got a short walk with B and it made her day! And mine!
All together I logged 8 miles today. I do wish they were running, but I am totally happy I just got it in. (bonus-- all the dogs are knocked out now!!). I pray this crud goes away asap! I am feeling somewhat better, but not going to jinx it since I thought I was feeling better this time yesterday!
January was a GREAT month I lost a total of 8 pounds and am stoked! My clothes are fitting better and I have so much more energy! I am super excited for this new month and hopefully to shed some more lbs! Plus, one month from today at this time, I will be blogging about my first half marathon in two years! YAY!! Its going to be exciting!! Thank you to all that take the time to read my blog. Every time I log in and see that the visits go up I get more and more motivated to keep going with my routine and my writing! So thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Now back to this game!! Have a great night!!

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