Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pure Goodness

LOOVE my free day Saturdays!! When B and I first did our "Body For Life" program two years ago to get ready for our wedding, we designated one day a week as a free day / cheat day! A designated day every week where you take a break from exercise and eat anything and everything you want. To anyone out there starting or struggling with a new workout/eating program, giving yourself one day a week is so great in so many ways! It gives you a day to work for and look forward too, plus, it is actually really good for your metabolism to eat not so good for you foods, so it will work to metabolize it. Even if you are afraid you will pig out and eat to much, it is funny, you wont, your body will get full faster and you will be more selective about what you put in your body on that day because you don't want to waste your cheat-ness on unworthy foods!! So, if you are struggling with your program try adding a cheat day and see how that goes. (now I am no dietitian or personal trainer, I am just going with what I have done and what works for my mom would say, "different strokes for different folks".... just sayin')

Now onto MY free day/cheat day! Well, I missed my blog yesterday. I was feeling pretty awful when I got home from work yesterday afternoon. I attempted the treadmill thinking I could "run it off" but had to get off after a mile cause I just felt awful! I slept most of yesterday evening and was pretty much a bump on a log (awe! another mom-ism!). This morning I felt better, but still not great. Even though today is my free day and I am not supposed to exercise I still got in a 2 mile run on the treadmill. (I felt like I needed to make up some mileage from this week due to being sick the last half of the the week). Once I got off the treadmill the real free day began!!

I had a fantastic day of relaxation and food! I started the day off right.... mani pedi time with my friend Jenn.
It felt amazing and was so much fun catching up with Jenn. Plus, my nose didn't run once the whole time I was there! BONUS!
Next, B and I ran errands and got a lot done! We had a fantastic lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Sandy Magees, in Richmond! YUMMM!! Then we went and visited my friend Laura and her amazing art at a neighborhood farmers market at CRU Trade Days. It was awesome and I was SO proud of her and what she is making! I even scored this one of a kind amazing "Laura" original,
I absolutely love it and cant wait to hang it up! She is so talented!!
On the way to our last few errands I got a sweet tooth and since it was my free day I indulged in one of my favorite treats!!

Oreo Shake complete with bendy straw!! And soooo worth the wait for a cheat day!!

Dinner tonight took B and I to a new place called Bombay Pizza, which is a pizza place with an Indian theme! It is incredibly delicious and highly recommended! While waiting for our food, B stumbled upon this gem in his newspaper..
There are no words.... pure awesome!!!
It is time to hit the hay and get ready to go at it again tomorrow. My goal is to run outside between 6 and 8 miles! Wish me luck! Have a great night!

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