Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Technical Difficulties

Happy Happy Wednesday! Wow! This week is flying! Tonight we had our Valentines work party and it was great fun! I love, love, love my new school and my new coworkers! Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. I really feel I will make life-long friends because we have so much fun when everyone is around. And the best part about tonight was, check out the view...
So cool, we were able to hang out and have some laughs while overlooking this! Awesome! (plus gets me excited for baseball!!)
When I got home I got another surprise! We planted a baby orange tree last summer and have been watching 2 oranges slowly develop! Well, look what I found on the ground under my tree today...
My best friend Laura has the most amazing green thumb and can make anything grow... I have what my husband calls a "wilted thumb" because I can manage to kill about anything! So I am super proud of this! We cut it open and smelled it. Smelled like an orange and super juicy! We didn't eat it because I read somewhere it is not good to eat fruits from the first grow (plus, a couple months, ago I ate a kumquat off my kumquat tree's first batch and got a little sick! lesson learned!!).
When I got home from the party I got on the treadmill for a 2.5 mile run. It felt pretty good, and I wanted to run more, but I had some technical difficulties. A couple of months ago, B bought me some wireless headphones so I can run and not have to turn the TV up. Well, I am not sure what happened, but around the first half mile, the TV scrambled and all of sudden was on Telemundo... I waited it out for about 3 minutes and then the TV went back to normal. Then again, right after my first mile it happened again. Finally after the third time I got frustrated and took off the headphones, but without anything to listen too, I couldn't stay motivated and decided I was done for the evening. So I will take my run, but, think my handy husband needs to take a look at the satellite.. something was a bit off! haha!
Well, I am about to pack it up for the night and this is my view right now...
"Mommy, come play with me..." Guess someone needs some attention! Poor puppy! haha!! Have a great night!!

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