Thursday, February 7, 2013

Book Club Bandwagon

Hi there and happy Thursday! Yesterday, during lunch, my coworkers and I were having a very animated conversation about how much technology has changed and how much kids know these days. I told the table I have a blog of my own now and to check it out, "I am 5 followers strong -- I mean I am one of them but whatever"! That brought a roar of laughter to the table. One of my coworkers asked me what my blog is about. I thought for a minute and told her, it is kind of like "Seinfeld"... Its about nothing and then again everything. My goal with my blog is to have a creative, outlet and a daily (or as often as possibly) diary of my journey to a healthy life and healthy choices. And, even though my blog is extremely new and green around the edges, logging in each day and seeing a few more page views motivates me to keep working out and writing about it. It challenges me to find the happiness and humor in life and write about it. And, it encourages me to stop and see the beauty in the sometimes gray day and post a picture. It is an outlet to my outlook. And I enjoy sharing it with others, even if it is only 5 people a day, I look forward to this expression every day!

Whew, now lemme tell you about my next goal. I want to add a book club to my blog. (Make it even more about nothing and everything!!) I am in the process of deciding what book I want to read first and blog about. I have always loved to read and had issues when B wanted to get me a Kindle. I am the type of person who LOVES to go into a book store and stop and SMELL it!! I LOVE the smell of a book store and that "new book smell"! I was afraid I would miss handling a book. I love putting a book mark in my book and seeing how far I have gone. And there is nothing like closing your book when you get to the end! It is the best. However, I caved and got my Kindle and TOTALLY underestimated how awesome it is! Now I can go and buy any book whenever I want (and I sometimes get a bit carried away! oops!). But the Kindle is seriously where it is at! I love it. So, I want to decide this weekend what my first book will be. I hope to read it and give reviews along the way and hopefully find a friend or two who want to join in and make this a fun adventure! Any suggestions for a book to read for the first book club are welcome!

My workout this morning was a good one! Unfortunately, we had a funeral to go to today so B and I had to take the day off. I got in a speedy 2 mile run on the treadmill. The run felt great! I am beginning to keep my speed up and for longer periods of time. Unfortunately, for me, running on the treadmill is a little hard, I cant seem to stay focused for long. It is much easier for me to run outside. That is my plan tomorrow! I hope the weather is nice!!

Have a fantastic Friday!!


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