Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week In a Wink

Happy Thursday! What a great week it has been so far! I know I have not blogged in the last week, but not for lack of thinking about it. After coming back from Dallas this past weekend, I have caught a mystery cold. Usually, I can tell where I have picked up the sniffles (usually from the 21 little 6 and 7 year olds I spend 8 hours a day with!). But this cold snuck up on me. I am beginning to feel like myself again, and I am grateful!

So the best way to catch you up is do a, "Week in a Wink"... Just give you a quick glance at what I did this week.. ready, here goes!

I began my work week with with a day off thanks to a much needed holiday, so I set off the week right.. with a mani, pedi...

Now, this would have been great, but when I looked down after she took my old polish off, I saw the results of all my new running... 3 BRUISED toenails!! It is crazy, because I only felt one of them! I knew I was a hard running, but gosh!

Well, maybe these new babies will help to alleviate that some,
Check out my new babies! These are Mizuno's Wave Rider 16's. I am so stoked! I visited the run store, "Run On!" for the first time when we were in Dallas this weekend and was fitted for these. I hope they work! Oh and bonus, check out my socks! I swear by Balega socks. They are the most comfortable socks I have ever run in! I got 2 new (neon yellow) pairs! Love them!

I spent the rest of my Monday off with one of my best friends and her new addition, that I am completely in love with...
Meet Baxter! How adorable is he?? We get to puppy-sit him in a few weeks!! Our dogs should love that!!
We got a little rain this week too.. See...
A certain little Bear, didn't want to come in from the rain. I think she likes it so much, because then mommy snuggles her in a towel until she is all dry! Awe, my little mess!
Along with keeping up with my workouts and getting some good running I managed to cook a few tasty meals in between..
I am a sucker for fish and since my favorite fish is now protected (hey, I didn't eat that much), tilapia is a great replacement (note-- this is not cooked yet, but the finished version was delicious and by far my favorite meal of the week!)
Whew, how was that, "Week in a Wink"? This weekend I am doing my first race in almost 2 years and my first 10K ever! I am stoked! Wish me luck!

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