Friday, April 12, 2013

Its Shiner Time!

WOW! What a week! Well, my plan to begin Clean Eating did not quite go as intended and this is why...
Meet Shiner Blonde Fikac! The newest member of our family! She is an 8 week old Australian Shepard Lab Mix. She is absolutely adorable!! I know it seems really soon after losing our sweet Dutchie to get another dog. But our other two dogs (especially our yellow lab mix, Oakley) seemed withdrawn and depressed since their sister has been gone. And when we went to pet her, we were not even looking to adopt, it was just sort of meant to be! We adopted her from a pretty cool shelter called, "CAP" in Katy .We brought her home on Sunday night and things have been pretty hectic, but really great! She got a clean bill of health from our vet on Monday. But, on Tuesday when I got home from work, it seemed as if her incision from her spaying was coming open so I rushed her back to the vet (in a whole 'nuther town, but he is such a wonderful vet we could never imagine switching). Only to find out I was an over protective mommy and she was fine. Turns out she loves the car and she slept the whole way home, sans carrier, and even let mommy stop off to get a Starbucks!!
The other pups are accepting her quite well.
See the resemblance! It is a baby Oakley!! I cant wait until she is one week post surgery (Sunday) and they can play full force! Its going to be hilarious!!
My dinners this week were pretty good, chicken tenders and red potatoes one night and a frozen pasta and veggie stir fry another night. But, the highlight meal of the week was this...
Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner! It is da bomb! My only compliant, the bacon was not crispy enough for me! Burn it, that is how to do bacon right! haha!
Well, off to play with the pup! Hope everyone has a fantastic start to the weekend!!

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  1. Aww your new dog is too cute :)

    My last week of clean eating has not happened either.