Friday, April 5, 2013

No time to Stress

YAAAAY!! Another Thursday in the books and Friday is on the horizon! Sooo ready! I must say, as far as school years go, this one has been pretty speedy!

Well, I met with my trainer today! I have not been in to see him in almost a month. Something came up every time we were supposed to meet. From Georgia, to meetings, to getting sick, I have been M.I.A. as far as the gym is concerned.

I have been working out though. I have been trying to endure and ignore the foot pain which has progressively gotten worse. But, I have not quit. We did my assessment today and I think my trainer was shocked! I went down 5lbs (though my morning weigh-in's at home say I have lost even more, but that is before food and sans clothes!). And I am DOWN on all my measurements and I have lost 4% of my body fat!!! 4%!!!!! I am sooo excited!!!

However, after I told him about my foot and attempted a few exercise with an apparent grimace on my face, this is what I am doing right now...


This will be my view for the next week and a half. Ice, elevation and rest. Well, at least I found a use for the yucky broccoli! haha!! And YES, can you believe it... a fire in the fireplace in April! Crazy weather!

Well, my trainer (and my friends, AND my husband) all think I have a stress fracture. I think they may be right but I have worked so hard to get to this race, I will go to the doctor AFTER the race next Sunday. I know it may not be the smartest thing to do, and I know there are a million reasons why I should not run. But, for me, this is something I have to do for me. I am very aware of the damage it may do, but this is where my determination and stubbornness collide. If I have to hobble across that finish line I will, and I will be soooo proud of myself. I will have reached a goal I set for myself 4 months ago and have been working so hard to get too. I cant wait!

Now, that you so kindly read my rant I would like to wish everyone a wonderful start to their weekend!! Enjoy!


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