Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thank you to MY GIRLS!

        Well, after a FABULOUS time at Girls Weekend this weekend I am home and back into the swing of things. I have to thank my girls for a second. I almost did not go to girls weekend this year because, I thought I wasn't quite ready for such a big outing. I felt I was not ready to be around happy people 24/7 (I used to be one of those happy people and that made me even more upset to think about). Well, this weekend was JUST what I needed. It forced me to stop and relax and sit on a raft in a lake and deal with my thoughts. I was definitely quieter than I ever am, but I was just sorting things out. I was pretty emotional on Friday night. The smallest things would set me off, but I think that was probably good to get it out (plus the amounts of refreshments I consumed, I am sure, spurred some of that on!!haha) and then Saturday, I was good up until that evening, when I think my unhealthy choices earlier in the week, food and beverage-wise, finally caught up with me and I felt awful (I was so afraid that if I stopped moving last week I would think about dad and loose it - so I was constantly drinking Dr. Peppers of Starbucks or anything that would keep me going - and my body said "WHOA - enough crap is enough crap!")... I was actually in bed by 9:00pm, and I was about to fall into one of my crying comas when I heard the most amazing thing... laughing, lots and lots of laughing... I could hear my Girls outside on the lake having the time of their lives and laughing, and it really made me stop and laugh! It made me hear what I used to be, and made me realize what I know I really am... and it made me see, I will be back there again, it will just take some time. Even though my tummy was on fire, I fell asleep with content and with a smile (and that has been at LEAST 2 1/2 weeks since I have gone to bed without crying). I woke up on Sunday still a little woozy, but for the most part felt great! Then I got to spend an awesome couple of hours with Christin! We were so desperate to find random things to do cause I was crazy early for my flight and didn't want to just sit at the airport. we drove around , we went to eat, and we even went on a little shopping trip- just like old times because we went to the coolest store and ended up buying the EXACT same things - on accident! Great minds think alike! :) Then I got back to my wonderful husband safe and sound that evening!
         I do realize I still have a lot of grieving and healing to do, but forcing myself to stop and relax was just want I needed to get through right now. So thank you so much my WONDERFUL girls for this weekend and I am already looking forward to next year!!
        Okay, now I know it is Wednesday and I have actually gotten some running done. On Monday I only got in 1 mile because I was still a little cautious of my tummy. And Tuesday I got in a perfect little 5K and felt pretty motivated afterwords! So I am REALLY looking forward to my run today! (I even have new running shoes in my sights that I cant wait to get this weekend!!)

Miles Covered Monday & Tuesday:
Treadmill = 4.2 Miles
Miles Left:
Big Goal/Mini Goal: 248.3/22.3

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