Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Watch OUT for a runaway wagon!!

      That's right! My wagon has run off without me, as I have somewhat fallen off the wagon last week with my running...Or should I say my LACK of running. My excuse for my absence of exercise is "I am FULL of excuses!" I feel I can reason myself out of anything and it is okay with me... at that time. But, then afterwords I hate that I didn't do it and vow to make up for it next time. I am queen of the statement, "I will start tomorrow" and "it doesn't count today because...." That is probably my worst habit of all, my ability to make excuses and talk myself out of anything! I know that everyone does this and for all kinds of reasons and I am no exception to the rule. I also know that I am not okay with this horrible habit of mine and I intend to change that. So starting NOW, that's right tonight, at 10:25 pm, I am done being a bench warmer, a watch the world go by-er, an "I will do it tomorrow-er." I am done with excuses. Bottom line is; I made this challenge for myself, this commitment to my family, and this promise to dad. I want to succeed in this blog challenge, I want to see how far I can run on a map, and I WANT to reach The Ballpark in Arlington! And then I want to choose a new ballpark to run too, because I know this will be an amazing accomplishment for me and a proud moment for both my parents, who I know are watching over us. I can do this and I WILL DO THIS!!

      So, everyone has to start somewhere no matter how small. It may only look like I walked 2 measly miles tonight taking our dogs for a walk, but that is 2 miles MORE than I walked last week, therefore, I am already doing 100% MORE exercise than this time last week, and it is only Tuesday! Hows that for motivation!!!! BOO-YAAA!!! Bring on tomorrow!! WHOOP!

Miles Covered Tuesday, July 5th:
Walk the dogs: 2 miles
Miles Left:
Big Goal/Mini Goal: 246.3/20.3

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