Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Things are picking up some speed!

     I mean that both in my summer and in my running! I heard a commercial on the radio today and it said we are already halfway through the summer!! I CANT BELIEVE IT! I was telling a friend today that it feels like June was the slowest (and the worst month ever) for me and now that we are in July and I am getting things back on track, and the month is speeding by! B and I are in full speed working on the house to get it ready to host my brothers and their loved ones for the holidays because I know when school starts my free time will be long gone! We are also super excited because we leave for vaca in a little less than 3 weeks and it is SOOO needed for the both of us!
     I could go on and on about what B and I are planning ahead but I still need to blog about my running! Last week was super busy but I was able to log about a mile each day. I know that isn't much, but I also know "something" is better than "nothing", so I am happy with it. I logged a longer run last Friday because I had a little extra time and I was able to get in 2.5 miles. Now for my big run thus far! Yesterday, (Monday) I ran 5.5 miles on the treadmill! My first, second, and fifth miles kept an easy pace with gently increasing and decreasing speeds. I ranged anywhere from 4.0mph to 5.2mph depending on how I was feeling. My goal in these three miles was just to keep running! For miles three and four I focused on speed and recovery and ran sprints. I would run one minute one and two minutes off; my speed on the sprints were 7.0mph - 8.0mph. Not too shabby!
     I was not sure I could keep myself going during my long run. Several times throughout the 79 minutes I was on the treadmill I was so close to pushing stop and hopping off the "mill" for the day. But, I kept going. I knew how awesome I would feel once I accomplished what I promised myself I was going to do! The "runners high" that you always hear runners talk about is such a real and amazing feeling, I cant put it into words. All I can say is RUN! Push yourself out of your comfort zone and try to go just a little further than the day before and you will feel that rush of endorphins so many runners talk about it. It is the BEST feeling! I walked around the remainder of yesterday with a definite pep in my step!  I am not going to lie, I am crazy sore today so my workout this evening will definitely be met with a LOT of stretching and a much lighter run! I definitely felt this run in my sole yesterday! And check out below.... I am ALMOST to The Woodlands!!!

Miles Covered Wednesday, July 6 - Monday, July 11
Miles ran/walked: 10.5
Miles Left:
Big Goal/Mini Goal: 235.8/9.8

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