Tuesday, January 15, 2013

On a roll....

Today was another fast and furious day! I still haven't figured out what is different about this week, but I am hoping it keeps up. I feel like I am getting so much done with my class, I love that feeling! Lets shoot for 3 in a row!

Today's workout was a GOOD one. I had my staff meeting after school and that caused me to get to the gym later than planned. However, I was able to get a quick warm up in, before meeting with my trainer. I KILLED it today! I had a great workout. My trainer even complemented me on my triceps and then I went and stuck my foot in my mouth and said, "ya, that's from yoga!"... Oops! I think I may have hurt his feelings, his workouts are great, but again I am loving my yoga!

Dinner was a change of plans. I made all the meals for the week on Sunday, and the meatloaf I made was accidentally left out over night, and rendered ruined! So that forced me to get creative, and dinner was pretty delicious...

Cobb Salad! Loved it!

Well time for bed.. My shoulder is a bit sore and I need to stretch it out! Hope I didn't over do it! TTYL


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