Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A dogs life

While B and I ate dinner tonight (subway veggie patty for me -- if you have not had one, try it... strange but delicious! I seem to be on a huge veggie burger kick right now, I cant get enough... but I digress...) we started talking about the cushy life our puppies have. The ridiculously cold weather we have been having is not agreeing with our dogs. I came home this afternoon and 2 out of the 3 dogs had been upstairs all day in our bed. B said when he left for work this morning, he could not convince Oakley (our forever puppy) and Juno (the queen) to come downstairs for him to leave. We now have to have a baby gate block the stairs, to keep Dutch (the lovable giant) downstairs since we got the new wood stairs (she is not at all graceful on them!). Oakley and Juno instead, opted to sleep in ALL day! Man, must be a nice life they live!
Look at that face... who could say no to that! Sweet Oakley Bear! She is so spoiled :)
I had a FAN-TABULOUS run this evening! After a sub par day, the first kind of yucky day since starting my new workout/eating regime, I was not feeling ready or willing for a workout. I missed my morning run for a tummy ache, and feared my afternoon may succumb to the same outcome. However, after some uplifting words from one of my amazingly awesome friends, I knocked out 5 miles!! The first 3 were mixed sprints. 1 minute on 1 minute off at a levels 6 and 7. The last 2 miles was a regular run. And the best part was I finished 2 minutes faster than my last 5 mile run! YAY!! Stepping off the treadmill, I felt my good mood and runners high return! So grateful for the kind words of a sweet friend! I needed those today!!

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