Friday, January 18, 2013

Run Meggie Run!!

Well, B and I decided after Christmas we both needed to do something for our emotional, mental and physical health! So I looked it up and found us the Big D Half Marathon in Dallas in mid April... Totally do-able, so we signed up.. 14 weeks.. no big deal right I can do this, I just need a plan...
Sorry this is in 3 parts.. I just learned how to use "snipper" and I do not think I am very good at it yet! Plus I cant get this darn box to go away! haha! Oh well...

So, I came up with a plan.. Again, totally attainable. Then one of my friends at work asked me to do a half marathon with her near my house in Sugar Land. And it was not so much me not saying no, it was more like me getting UBER excited about a challenge and said, "sure, ya, that would be fun!"...
Well, this half marathon is the day AFTER my birthday on March 3rd about 7 weeks SOONER than planned (or on my training schedule).
Yikes! well, so far I have adjusted well, and am loving the results of new more aggressive workouts.. Now, I am still training for April with a goal of beating my PR, my goal for the March race is just to NOT finish last, I need to finish in 1299th place or better and I will be STOKED!!
With that said, tonight's run was phenomenal! I took advantage of the slightly warmer weather and ran 6 miles outside! I think my new play list REALLY made a difference on this one, cause I improved my time to 14.5 minute miles (2 minutes better than Wednesday!)... I am getting there slowly but surely!
Now onto my free day tomorrow!! Oh and B's birthday weekend! I am excited!








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