Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nummm Nummm Nummmm....

One of the first resolutions I have made for 2013 is to improve my cooking skills. I know many have heard about my escapades in the kitchen. My brothers love to tell the story about the time I made the beautiful Oreo cheesecake. I made this gorgeous Oreo cheesecake for a family dinner. I mixed, I creamed, I crushed the Oreos, it was the most beautiful creation I think I have ever made... Well, it was quite a shock when we all bit in and I had forgotten one small ingredient.. I forgot to add the sugar! YUCK! It was bad. And then there was the time I made sugar cookies and I used confectioners sugar instead of real sugar (the dogs wouldn't even eat them!). Or there was the time I made green bean casserole and I failed to defrost the green beans and well, the casserole was crunchy, but not from the crunchy onion strings. And lastly, lets not forget the time I started a kitchen fire boiling water for tea... There are many, many more stories like this.

The past 2 years that B and I have been married I have desperately tried to change this vicious cycle of disastrous meals and change my nickname from, "nightmare in the kitchen" to "nummmm, nummm in the kitchen" (get it? that yummy noise people make when they like food... nummm, nummm, nummm). B has said I am a much better cook when I make healthy foods that I am when I make unhealthy ones. And this my plan for the new year. To improve my cooking and have people want to eat what I make!

Here is some of this weeks groceries... ground turkey, veggie pasta, asparagus, knorr vegetable soup mix and steak.... throw in a few more yumm yumms and you got yourself a menu!!

Pictures to follow!


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