Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Perfect Weekend!

Man, I have missed my blog the last couple of days! Trying to get back on schedule after my min - vaca has taken a day or two. So let me catch you up on this wonderful weekend!

I took Friday off from work so I could fly in to Dallas a little early and get some extra girl time in! But first I went for a fantastic 4 mile run outside near my house. The weather was perfect and the atmosphere electric! They were having a fun run at the school in my neighborhood and it was kind of motivating to see those kids and their families excited about running! It pumped me up to keep running as well! I logged 4 miles in exactly 60 minutes. Still not ideal, but getting better every day!

I figured I needed to start my weekend off on the right foot so I got in one last healthy meal before I hit the road for the airport!
It was delicious and kept me from making poor choices at the airport!
I LOVE flying out of Hobby Airport! It is so bright and welcoming and has THE BEST chairs ever!!

And I made myself at home a quickly as possible...
This was the perfect way to relax and read before take off!

I had a fantastic flight and found the MOST hilarious thing in Skymall Magazine...
Seriously! This is hilarious! Would love to meet the person who buys this! Love the cats expression!
Dallas this weekend was so much fun! I got to spend much needed quality time with my besties and my girls! The main reason for the weekend was my Bestie Cheryl's baby shower. She is having her first boy and everyone is so excited! Cheryl has two adorable girls who couldn't wait to give us makeovers before the shower!

Ahhhhh, nothing like hot pink lipstick all over your mouth and blue eye shadow ABOVE your eyebrows to get you ready for a big night out! I also got the most beautiful blue toes from my precious cosmetologist!

Sunday was a perfect end to the weekend with the baby shower! I was in charge of the favors and I think they turned out pretty well...
A little homage to the daddy and his love of baseball! The bags where full of crackerjacks! Just in case people were confused I wrote a poem to go along side.
Getting to see all my girls and spending time with them made my weekend complete and perfect! I flew home Sunday night (after a 35 minute delay) to B and our puppies! I was so revived after such a great weekend I got up giddy Monday morning and ran on the treadmill! It felt great!
I am already excited and planning for our next weekend to Dallas to visit family and friends! Time to hit the hay so I can get up bright and early and treadmill it up!!


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