Sunday, April 1, 2012

Here we go again!

           So after what seems like f-o-r-e-v-e-r I am BACK! I so eagerly began my running blog, and then just as quickly stopped working out. You never know how a tragedy like loosing a parent will affect you and no matter how ready you think you may be.... YOUR NOT! These past 10 (OMG has it really been that long!?) months have been pretty rough on me. Sure, I have been working and keeping house like before just trying to stay busy, but any free chance I had I found my mind wondering and allowing myself to get depressed which in turn made me eat, drink and SIT! Which then would make me even more dejected because I was gaining weight, looking like crud and feeling like POO! Then my birthday came... B and I planned and enjoyed a wonderful, wonderful weekend in Fredericksburg and we were happy and joyous but I still felt like I was missing something. The Friday when we got back I LOST it at the dinner table with B. All the sadness and emotions I had been feeling come to a head and flowed out of my body. B is the most wonderful person ever because, he allowed me to have my moment (which he has had to witnessed more than I would like to admit). And then when I was done he hugged me and said, "you know your mom and dad are watching you and they would hate to see you suffer like this. You need a hobby ANY hobby and you need to get excited about something. You need to get passionate about something. You need to start writing again." I thought about that and my dad always loved to read my writings and he was the one who got me so passionate about sports and running. So I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and get my life back! And all of a sudden I WANTED to start running again, I WANTED to start exercising again, and I wanted to start my blog again... I missed it!
       So I am BACK and excited! This time however, my blog will of course serve as a place to log my miles run, but I am also going to one-up-it and make this blog be my workout and meal journal. I figure, everyone says keeping a workout journal is a huge motivator to keep you going, and it would help keep me accountable. If I skip my workouts and in turn writing my blog, the few people who actually follow me would let me know! ;)
        So, here I go again and I cant wait: ready, set and GO!!!

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