Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I am BACK!!!

Thats right! I am back! I have hit the ground running!! (tee-hee)! and lemme tell yall... It felt great and awful all at the same time. I liken my running stance yesterday to a half bent over-limping-with-one-hand-clutching-my-side moving the speed of a slow walk run! At least that is what I looked like when I looked down and saw my shadow! I will be the first to say, if I drove by and saw me running yesterday I would have said, "dang, that girl needs a new hobby, she looks bad!!!" Yup! That bad.... and even though I only made it 1.81 miles in 30 minutes... yes, 30 of the longest, sweatiest minutes EVER I still MADE IT! and I am BACK!!! Once I got home and got some much needed fluids into me and an excellent salad (and a small ice cream - come on its included in the salad bar!) I felt GREAT! And once I laid down to go to bed I was OUT and for the first time in almost 3 months it was a blissful, relaxing, mind-NOT-going 100 miles an hour sleep! It felt great! I FELT GREAT!

Now, I know I did a lot of damage this past summer not sticking to my workout and eating regime. But, I am ready to get back into it! I love the feeling of being healthy and having a clear head from running and working out. Next week I am taking it to the next stage and I am hitting the gym again.. I CANT WAIT!!!

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